TrueStim’s TrueBelt targets sore and tense muscles in the back, waist, and joints.

Distinctively designed to the wrap and fit around the natural contours of the body, TrueStim’s TrueBelt delivers the latest technology in muscle stimulation for immediate pain relief.
TrueBelt targets muscle strains, lumbar strains, and chronic back pain all with an effortless use and application that can be used under or over clothing without feeling heavy or bulky. Structured with a panel back, TrueStim’s TrueBelt provides added strength, support, and warmth to the back while the cooling panels provides breathability and compression. The TrueBelt also contains adjustable straps; A lengthy one for the torso area and the shorter belt for the leg or calf. To use, spray True Spray on the Acubelt pad, simply apply TrueBelt to clean skin, adjust for comfortability with velcro closures, connect the electrode to TENS device, select mode and intensity, and enjoy!


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 8 cm


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