Perfect Conductor Spray

Expand the longevity of your gel pads and TrueStim Acubelt with the Perfect Conductor Spray.

TrueStim’s Perfect Conductor Spray is what gives your electrode gel pads and Acubelt a longer lifespan.
With an oil-free formula, it is a water-based ion conductor that additionally provides an enhanced sensation when being used with any TrueStim’s TENS products.

Think of Perfect Conductor Spray as the “double-ended tape” between your gel pads/belt and your body’s skin. This kind of support is essential to your pain management solution process to work effectively. Because it is formulated with no oils, it won’t leave your skin sticky, thick, or heavy when removing gel pads/belt off the skin.
Our 3.4 oz Perfect Conductor Spray bottle is made easy to store and great for traveling.

To use, lightly spritz the spray onto any electrode gel pad or TrueBelt and you’re on your way to pain relief and relaxation.


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 4 cm


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