Pain Relief Devices

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  • TrueStim Premium TENS EMS DeviceTrueStim Premium Wireless TENS EMS

    TrueStim Pro TENS Pain Relief Device

    5.00 out of 5

    TrueStim Pro is our premium and most advanced electrical muscle stimulator that combines pain relief and enhancing muscle performance all in one touchscreen device.

    Get an exclusive package with our TrueStim Pro and experience the benefits of TENS and EMS with everything you need.

    Exclusively designed with a touchscreen device, the TrueStim Pro contains 12 modes, 6 for TENS (muscle recovering) and 6 for EMS (muscle enhancing).

    The TrueStim Pro also includes 6 channels giving you the power to wirelessly control 6 electrode pads at one time. The TrueStim Pro has been medically engineered to be the strongest units in the TrueStim TENS/EMS collection and holds its value on the market today.

    TrueStim Pro Includes:
    – TrueStim Pro Device
    – 2 wireless receivers
    – 2 pairs of extension wires
    – 1 pair of large pads
    – 1 X wire
    – USB charging system
    – Treatment Guide
    – Truebelt
    – True Slippers
    – True Spray
    – 8-year warranty certificate
    – Free Shipping

  • HiDow ACU XPD S 18 EMS TENS Device 1

    XPDS 18

    5.00 out of 5

    Limited time offer: Free spray and pain-relief slipper accessories with unit!

    Our latest and most advanced model of wired devices for muscle recovery and pain relief, the XPD-S 18. Take your EMS experience to the next level with 6 new modes and functions.

    Now upgraded with a modern twist, we bring you the new XPDS 18. Featuring 18 total modes and 6 new features, the XPDS 18 is designed to soothe sore muscles and relieve pain using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. The XPDS 18 unit is a FDA approved Class II medical device which has won the trust of physicians all over the world with TENS and EMS massagers. Since the 1960s, EMS and TENS devices has been the most sought out product for pain management solutions because there is no medication or side effects that take place.

    Included in this package:

    – XPDS 18 device
    – 1 set of large single sided adhesive electrode pads 2 inches (round shape)
    – 1 set of XL single sided adhesive electrode pads 3 ¾ (rectangular shape)
    – 2 Electrode Wires
    – 1 set of Ear Clips
    – USB Cable
    – AC Adapter
    – User Manual
    – Pad Holder
    – Free Shipping